Art From Lebanon
Cesar Gemayel. Jeune fille au gramophone, Not dated. Oil on canvas (100 x 76 cm)
Art From Lebanon
Fadi Barrage. Untitled, Not dated. Oil on canvas (120 x 80 cm)
Art From Lebanon
Art From Lebanon

Art From Lebanon

From the 25TH of October till the 9TH of December

Art from Lebanon is a tribute to our country. The project consists in both an exhibition and a book that document lives and significant works of 60 selected Lebanese artists, active starting 1880 to 1975.

Initiated by Nour Salamé Abillama, Art from Lebanon is a journey through Lebanon’s history and heritage. It unveils to the public Lebanon’s many political, social, and cultural vicissitudes, but also the constructive changes and evolutions, that marked and shaped the country as we know it today.

 In the currentabsence of a national museum of Modern art, the Beirut Exhibition Center is proud to present Art from Lebanon, an exhibition fulfilling a mission of civil and national duty, giving access to treasures of private and public collections, many of which were never shown before.

The 60 artists mirror Lebanon’s diversity, in their life stories and identities, and above all in their artistic projects. 


Modern and Contemporary artists: 1880 – 1975:




Daoud Corm (1852-1930)
Habib Serour (1863-1938)
Khalil Saleeby (1870-1928)
Philippe Mourani (1875-1970)
Gibran Khalil Gibran (1883-1931)
Youssef Hoyek (1883-1962)


Figurative experiment:


Bibi Zogbe (1890-1975)
Georges Daoud Corm (1896-1971)
Omar Onsi (1901-1969)
Marie Haddad (1889-1973)
Cesar Gemayel (1898-1958)
Moustapha Farroukh (1901-1957)


Multiple modernities :


Saliba Douaihy (1912-1994)
Salaou Raouda Choucair (1916- )
Rachid Wehbi (1917-1993)
Aref El Rayess (1928-2005)
Paul Guiragossian (1926-1993)
Elie Kanaan (1926-2009)
Michel Basbous (1921-1981)
Farid Aouad (1923-1982)
Helen Khal (1923-2009)
Etel Adnan (1925- )
Jean Khalife (1925-1978)
Said Akl (1926-2001)
Shafic Abboud (1926-2004)
Halim Jurdak (1927- )
Yvette Achkar (1928- )
Khalil Zgaib (1911-1975)
Guvder (1923- )
Alfred Basbous (1924-2006)
Joseph Basbous (1926-2001)
Adel El Saghir (1930- )
Laure Ghorayeb (1931- )
Amine El Bacha (1932- )
Rafic Charaf (1932-2003)
Zaven Hadichian (1932- )
Wajih Nahle (1932- )
Mounir Najem (1933- )
Juliana Seraphim (1934-2005)
Ibrahim Marzouk (1937-1975)
Moussa Tiba (1939- )
Odile Mazloum (1945- )
Mouazzaz Rawda (1906-1986)

They tackle various themes and styles, from classical landscapes and still lives to more daring nudes, from academicism to abstraction, from the emancipation of women to Man’s destiny in times of war, from traditional religious art to personal expressions.

The period from 1880 to 1975 also covers the institutionalization of the arts, with the appearance of artists’ studios, the professionalization of painting and sculpture, and the creation of art schools and universities.

Art from Lebanon thus narrates the story of modern and contemporary art in Lebanon and presents to the public the marvels of this country.

The book on which the exhibition is based was authored by Nour Salamé Abillama and Marie Tomb. The exhibition is organized by Nour Salamé Abillama and Solidere, and curated by Nadine Begdache and Saleh Barakat, with a scenography by Karim Bekdache.






Creative deconstructions :


Huguette Caland (1931- )
Nadia Saikali (1936- )
Hussein Madi (1938- )
Fady Barrage (1940-1988)
Hassan Jouni (1942- )
Chaouki Chamoun (1942- )
Assadour (1943- )
Krikor Norikian (1943- )
Seta Manoukian (1945- )
Farid Haddad (1945- )
Mona Bassili Sehnaoui (1945- )
Hrair (1946- )
Jamil Moaleb (1948- )
Nabil Nahas (1949- )
Samir Khaddaje (1938- )
Chaouki Choukini (1946- )
Faycal Sultan (1946- )
Paul Wakim (1949- )
Mohamad El Rawas (1951- )


From abroad, yet so Lebanese:


Georges Cyr (1880-1964)
Olga Limanski (1903-1988)
Boris Novicoff (1888-1966)
Cici Sursock (1923- )
Stellio Scamanga (1934- )
Arthur Frick
Jan Kober (1890- ?)
Maryette Charlton (1924-2009)
John Ferren (1905-1970)
Fernando Manetti (1899-1964)


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